Monday, March 19, 2007


I found this blog searching tool to be "neat" I guess I would say. I pulled up the site and thought about what I wanted to read, what I cared enough about to add my thoughts to, or who I could piss off enough to have them tell be to bugger off! I started off with something that I deal with 24/7 and then some, which is my pain, my back pain to be exact. It is good for the soul to talk to others who can relate or at least know where your comming from. I also found a fun one about rating your favorite energy drink! BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! And God knows I can use some energy. I recomend 5 Hour Eenergy, it's a bit coastly but it works rather well if you take it on an empty stomach, just don't use it if you plan to sleep anytime soon. :) Love ya!

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