Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Man! This has been a terrific day, I think I have learned more today than I have in a long time and, I had fun doing it. Reminds of when I was an 8th grader and dating a Senior....
I am not yet happy with my template. I have tried on several but none seem to fit me, oh well. As I learn more I'm sure I'll be able to remedy that. I want to give a big shout out to Rob and Bob for all their time and effort. I think having a wealth of knowledge is a blessing , but sharing and teaching what you know to others is a sign of true virtuosity. I can not wait to get back here tomorrow and work on my wiki. Thanks again.

Move over Mr.Gates

Well I'm here, took me a while to fix all my screw-ups but, that's the past and now I'm one of the cool kids. So look out cyberspace, hererrrrr comes jonny!