Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Myspace or yours?

I don't really think that a Library (any setting) in today's world can afford not to be "connected" to the people it serves. As a matter of fact I believe that a modern Library owes it to the community or students to have the latest information and technology for their use. Using Myspace as a way to reach out to up and coming patrons is fantastic. An Idea for a activity or program can be instantly instituted or dismissed depending on the response. Information gathered from the ideas and thoughts that are being tossed back and forth will flow like Honey. Teens can log on and find Ideas on what would be a cool next read or "I heard this new song the other day and I can't figure out who sings it, have you heard it?"
Teens can find out what's next for them at the Library and play a hand in creating an event. What better place is there to go on a wet and stormy, or a cold winter day, or if you are just plain bored than to the Library and if you can not be there in person than you can go hang out virtually at Myspace with your chums. It's hip it's new it's hot and it's happening and I like it!